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At Sokol Studios, we are focused on providing creative services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your requirements and expectations in a timely manner. 

Theresa Sokol 
is a Fine Arts Painter who primarily works in acrylic on canvas but her talent enables her to excel in virtually any medium. Theresa's style ranges from surreal to abstract and within recent years began working with Alcohol Inks with phenomenal results. Her creativity gives her an edge to push the boundaries of her work in new directions and come up with exciting, imaginative pieces. Check out some examples of her art HERE                Email:

Pete Sokol 
is an illustrator who works primarily in pencil but is also trained in using pen and markers. Focusing mostly on graphic illustrations, Pete's style is influenced heavily from the comic books he grew up reading, but he is also an accomplished portrait artist and can reproduce any subject in great detail. Alex, our 14 year old, is a budding illustrator, who loves to draw pictures of the video games he plays, including Pokemon and Minecraft. Check out some examples and his bio HERE                     Email: