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Items Available Everyday in our Studio

Antiprincess Dolls

      We have these unique Anti-princess dolls on display and for sale by Antiprincess Dolls and Jewelry. Each doll is hand sewn with a personality all their own..

      From the creators: "Just like people our dolls are not perfect but desire the love and friendship that everyone deserves. We believe in a person's diversity and self-expression."

      For more information about the creators and their message go to

      Please Contact Us at our gallery via phone, Email or through Facebook or Instagram to inquire about pricing and availability.

Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards

      We have handmade greeting cards for just about any occasion! Who wouldn't want to get one of these beauties in the mail? Only available at Sokol Studios! Come in to check seasonal availability and pricing.


Alcohol Ink Scarves and Pendants

      We have hand painted Scarves and Pendants available for sale in various colors and styles. These are painted with Alcohol Ink, which is a fairly new medium but produces vibrant colors and amazing results. Adding one of these pieces to your ensemble is sure to turn a few heads! Each Scarf is $25.00 (+ Tax) and each Pendant is $15.00 (+ tax). Come in or Contact Us to check availability.