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     Pete is an illustrator who works primarily in pencil but is also trained in using pen and markers. Focusing mostly on graphic illustrations, Pete's style is influenced heavily from the comic books he grew up reading, but he is also an accomplished portrait artist and can reproduce any subject in great detail. Alex, our 14 year old, is a budding illustrator, who loves to draw pictures of the video games he plays, including Pokemon and Minecraft.

      To see some of Pete's current and past works check out this link to our Personal Gallery

Pete Sokol Interview

     Being creative always came naturally to me. Ever since I first picked up a crayon and began coloring in my He-man coloring books when I was just a little tyke. But it wasn't until I was introduced to comic books, specifically the X-men comics of the 90's and their gritty art, that I fell in love with the storytelling medium. I probably had the chops to be a painter or sculptor but it was illustration that captivated my imagination. I can still see my high school art teacher's eyes rolling in his head like it was yesterday as I handed in another comic-inspired assignment. Not that I couldn't create anything I wanted but I had a laser-like focus. Imagine trying to sell a Star Wars fan on the idea that Star Trek is better! Not going to happen.

     When it came time to go to college, I chose to go into Graphic Design, at the Pittsburgh Technical Institute, since it had the most to do with comic book creating. Little did I realize that I would fall in love with the whole process, especially the technical part of utilizing the various desktop publishing programs. It was during this time that I met the love of my life, Theresa. We fell in love and started a family and my professional career turned towards prepress after I began working at a print shop in Meadville. 

     But I never stopped drawing and creating. I just worked it into the small cracks of time I had available when not raising our children and performing my husbandly duties. Now I spend a little more time with my art, particularly when the kids are watching their Youtuber heroes online. And I hope to get my own comics and stories published in the near future.

     I've also began working solely in digital format having recently purchased a Microsoft Surface and using Autodesk Sketchbook. Giving that a whirl but it is quite a change from pencil and pen which I have been doing for, well, ever since I could hold them. I do have a couple of creations that are nearing completion and will be uploaded when finished.