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      Theresa is a Fine Arts Painter who primarily works in acrylic on canvas but her talent enables her to excel in virtually any medium. Theresa's style ranges from surreal to abstract and within recent years began working with Alcohol Inks with phenomenal results. Her creativity gives her an edge to push the boundaries of her work in new directions and come up with exciting, imaginative pieces. Andy, our 9 year old, loves to paint alongside Theresa and the two of them have collaborated on several of paintings together. 
      To see some of her current and past works check out this link to our Personal Gallery

Theresa Sokol Interview

      I knew at an early age that I would be an artist. I was always drawing or painting, and would look at my surroundings as if looking at a painting. So, I went to Edinboro University of PA where I received a BFA in painting. The goal was to go on for a MFA and to teach in College, but life I guess had its way of not working out that way...I met a great guy, got married and we started a family. For the past 13 years I have spent ALL of my time as a mom, wife and full time Timeshare Closing Agent. I never could find any solid time to work on my art. So I decided that this new year 2016 would be the start to a "better than I was last year" me. I quit my job of over 9 years so that I can now devote ALL of my time (well, at least the free time I actually have when the kids are in school and the house is clean) to actually BE an artist.

      As a perfectionist, it was very important to me that I created paintings that "made sense" to myself and to others.  I have always been very particular with how tight my images were visually and conceptually. After painting with my energetic son a few years ago, I found within me a delight in creating works that used spontaneous, colorful strokes and textures. He taught me that art does not have to be perfect. 

      I have recently been experimenting with alcohol inks and fluid acrylic paints. These mediums are both free flowing and allow me to manipulate them in various ways. It is exciting and very unpredictable.  It is still hard for me to let go of the thought that art has to look a certain way, but I am learning to LET GO AND HAVE FUN!